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Soy Bean.
Glycine max 'Jabiru'
This is not an heirloom variety but we prefer it as it is less affected by Australia's wild variations in temperature than most.
If you like Soy but are worried about buying genetically modified Soy then growing your own is just so reassuring.
Soy is generally a moderate crop that responds badly to variations in watering, but this variety will continue better than most, if you forget to water for a few days.
Crops planted in mid-December mature in 115 to 125 days.
The only real consideration to remember is that planting in the hottest part of the year or the coldest part of the year will not produce good germination results.
Because most soybeans flower in response to shortening day length, early plantings will take longer to flower, whereas late sowings will mature faster as the day length shortens.
Very good viability with this variety, almost every seed will germinate.
To use Soy to it's yummiest extent, pick the pods while they are still immature, drop them into boiling water with a pinch of salt and leave them for 2-3 minutes.
The beans have a sweet slightly nutty flavour that is delicious. Prepared this way they are served as 'Edamame' in restaurants.

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