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Water Apple - Rose Apple - Plant

Water Apple - Rose Apple - Plant Image

Syzygium jambos has several common names, includeing Malabar Plum, Champakka, Chom pu or Chom-phu, Plum rose, Water apple, Malay apple, Jambrosade,and pomarrosa, or the English equivalent, Rose apple.
Throughout most of Australia, it grows to a medium tree height, unlike tropical areas where is becomes huge.
Not a very demanding plant to grow, it needs to be trimmed every now and then to maintain shape, but, that's it.
It flowers beautifully at the start of Summer and bears it's delightfully refreshing fruit towards the later part of Summer.
The fragrant taste of the fruit is just wonderful.
Like crunchy rose water.
You can just eat off the tree, peel and add to either salad or fruit salad, or blend them up into the most refreshing smoothie.

Seed grown plant in tubestock pots.
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: We cannot send live plants outside Australia, to Western Australia or Tasmania.

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