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BLACK COHOSH - Seeds Image

This is an herb that requires much caution if you intend to process your own medicine.
We use the herb homeopathically only, as we have enormous respect for it's potency.
As a plant it is a very beautiful and successful 'understory plant' that does well in the Australian climate.
It loves to be under massive trees and as long as it is mulched properly, it will thrive.
In it's native America, it grows very large but here it usually remains arounf 50 cm high with long beautiful flower spikes that can can reach 1m in Autumn.

Germinating the seed can be a challenge with an expected germination time of anything from 2 weeks to 12 months.
We find it best to 'prick out' the germinated seedlings and leave the rest of the pot undisturbed for future germinations.

Once established, it will quite happily exist as a perennial groundcover.

25 seeds - $3.50

Degree of difficulty in germination.....7/10 (1 is easy - 10 very difficult)

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