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Rouge de Marmande Tomato -Seeds

Rouge de Marmande Tomato -Seeds Image

60 - 70 days - indeterminate vines.
This is a nice, quick, old fashioned tomato that will bear early in the season because it is not too bothered by late Spring chill.
It's a good one to start the season with and bears a general 'all round' tomato that will even cut nicely for sandwiches.
It is a bit of a spreader so make sure you allow it some room.

Plant seed indoors in late winter and get them out straight after the danger of frost is over, even in Victioria and Tasmania it does well in late spring and early summer.
Rouge de Marmande was a very popular 'Greengrocer Tomato' during the 1980's, but has disappeared from the shelves, this century.

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