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South American Snakeroot -Seeds

South American Snakeroot -Seeds Image

Due to the ban on exports of 'Snakeroot' because of over harvesting in 1997, an all out search for another form of the plant has turned up two other Rauvolfa's.
This one, and R.vomitoria (West Africa) is the other.
This snakeroot is altogether more attractive and the monoterpene indole alkaloid count is almost identical.

The same uses and cautions apply to this herb as to R.serpentina but it does grow well in the Australian climate and can be trimmed and sculpted to fit into any garden setting.
The seeds are moderately large (compared to most other herbs) and although they strike unevenly, they usually all strike, given time.

10 fresh seeds $3.50

Degree of difficulty in germination.....4/10 (1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal

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