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Jaboticaba or Tree Grape -Seeds

Jaboticaba or Tree Grape -Seeds Image

Small, bushy tree, it grows very slowly and seldom exceeds a height of 4m in Australia.

The Jaboticaba flowers are small, white flowers produced in profusion, singly or in clusters, directly on the bark, all along the trunk, limbs and larger branches several times a year.
The flowers give way to grapelike fruit but with a thicker and tougher dark maroon-purple, almost black skin. Jaboticaba fruit is produced directly upon the trunk and larger branches, singly or in clusters from the ground up.
One tree harvest
The tree can bloom several times a year which can make it a real bonus in the garden.

Life is very slow for the Jaboticaba and germination is slow and a little erratic, with a high viability but over a period rather than all at once.
Summer harvest is now in.

Apologies for running out last year, but that is the nature of things.

10 fresh seeds $4.50

Degree of difficulty in germination.....8/10 (1 is easy - 10 very difficult)

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