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Horseradish Tree / Drumstick Tree -Seeds

Horseradish Tree / Drumstick Tree -Seeds Image

Moringa is a deciduous tree (depending on your geography) with panicles of scented flowers, several times a year.

It has long pods, often referred to as 'drumsticks' which, along with the leaves, flowers, roots and seeds are quite edible and, in fact delicious.
The leaves are an excellent addition to a 'Green Smoothie' adding that all important protein factor to the mix and the slightly peppery taste of the flowers gives so much to a salad.
The everlasting oil is scentless, which is why it has always been so popular in the cosmetic industry dating back to the ancient Egyptians.
The trees are very easy maintenance in the garden but need to be 'top pruned' to allow for easy access to the leaves, flowers and pods.

They form a great centrepiece to a garden bed and we have found them very drought tolerant and generally quite hardy plants.

The very viable seeds germinate in their own time and we have found that that we get complete germination but usually over an extended period of time. Germination will be retarded if the pots are kept too wet or exposed to high rainfall.
The plant is very intolerant of constant moisture.

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Degree of difficulty in germination.....3/10 (1 is easy - 10 very difficult) Seasonal

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