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Galangal, Siamese Ginger Plant

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Galangal can be grown throughout most of Australia, either in the garden or potted for balcony's.
In the garden, it is an herbaceoous perennial that can be moved on during winter if you wish.
While it is not as abundant in growth habit as Ginger and Turmeric, it is still quite stunning as a perennial garden plant. In full sun, ours rarely die back in winter, just slow down somewhat.
The young shoots and flowers are very delicious, and apart from helping to treat everything from Colds to Measles, the tubers are wonderful in curries and soups.
If planted in a protected environment it will continue through winter without drama.

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Dormant rhyzome during winter.

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Galangae rhizoma
Published September 18, 1986; Revised March 13, 1990

Name of Drug
Galangae rhizoma , galangal rhizome, lesser galangal rhizome.
Composition of Drug
Galangal consists of the dried rhizome of Alpinia officinarum Hance [Fam. Zingi-beraceae], as well as its preparations in effective dosage.
The rhizome contains essential oil, pungent principles, and flavonoids.
Dyspepsia, loss of appetite.

None known.
Side Effects
None known.
Interactions with Other Drugs
None known.
Unless otherwise prescribed:
Daily dosage:
Tincture (according to Erg. B. 6 ):
2 - 4 g;
2 - 4 g.
Mode of Administration
Comminuted drug, powder, as well as other galenical preparations for oral application.
Antiphlogistic (inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis)

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