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Chia -Seeds

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Now this herb rightly deserves it's reputation as a 'super food'.
Chia is so easy to grow that even the least successful gardener can manage a good crop.
Seeds sprout in about 3 days.
Chia thrives in impoverished soil and once established it needs very little water and care apart from a little weeding.
The plants grow to about 1 metre tall with sturdy square stems and large attractive leaves. After the sage like flowers have set in Autumn, the seed can be harvested.
As a snack substitute for those who like to 'nibble' but are trying to watch their weight, Chia is wonderful.
Not only does chewing seeds give a satisfactory experience to the mouth but by their very nature, the seeds take away the desire for more food. While nothing can replace a well balanced diet, Chia seeds help to fill the gaps between meals.

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