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Alfalfa / Lucerne -Seeds

Alfalfa / Lucerne -Seeds Image

Every cell of this plant screams health and vitality.
Whether you grow it in the garden to ensure a constant supply of seed and foliage or maybe just grow it occasionally for the delightful sprouts, it is just so worthwhile.
The leaves and sprouts are very 'tonic' and easily blended into an enriching drink.
As an appetite stimulant to those recovering from surgery or illness it is unrivalled and the leaves have long been the primary source for liquid chlorophyll.
As sprouts, the seed strike quickly and you can comfortably have fresh sprouts within a week or so.
They are an herbaceous perennial and can be trimmed constantly to provide quite attractive shrubs in the garden, thus fulfilling
every requirement from garden to kitchen.
Combine these sprouts with Chia and salads are complete.

10 gm (aprox 5000 fresh seeds) $3.50

Cannot send to WA due to customs regulations.

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